Samsung Blogger Challenge

The Samsung Blogger Challenge harnesses the collective power of groups of bloggers participating in Samsung-specific challenges with the support of their communities.

The aim was to create a great platform to promote and drive the visibility and highlight Samsung products from an unbiased source.

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The Challenge

  • Engage multiple bloggers and their communities
  • Original content creation
  • Maximise impact of blogger campaigns
  • Increased online coverage for Samsung
  • Profile and support aspiring bloggers
  • Promote Samsung products in a genuine unbiased way

The Solution

The challenge empowered bloggers and online influencers the opportunity to use Samsung products and openly discuss and demonstrate the features and uses of each product as influential individuals to their communities asking them for their input and opinion.
This resulted in a highly viral and transparent promotion of the activation being driven by the bloggers and their communities that had entered to participate in the challenge.

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The Results

R1 088 943.00 (ROI 4:1)

AVE achieved

4 114

Online mentions

30 million


Public Relations and communications agency