The Age of Digital PR

We’re always looking for innovative ways to make our client’s voices heard! Through our new proprietary tool - the Epic EPR (Electronic Press Release) we’re able to take the dissemination of news to a new level.

Public Relations and communications agency

EPR, as the name suggests, is taking what we would term traditional public relations and bringing it into the digital arena.  This means that we’re not only creating content on behalf of our clients that will be used on traditional channels, but we are delivering media rich content which is shareable on a variety of channels, digitally. This stems from the understanding that the media landscape has transformed. Newsrooms are shrinking, journalists have less time and more channels to deliver on and visual elements are becoming increasingly important from an engagement perspective.

In this context, EPR aims to not only assist journalists by preparing content that can be syndicated on a number of digital channels but is prompting the move by clients to look at stories beyond a press release.  This has seen the inclusion of more video and infographic content, social media relevant posts as well as sound clips for radio use, as part of their media relations arsenal.

In order to help our teams deliver on this, the EPR tool was developed in a manner that is easy to use and does not require coding skills. Therefore, all our consultants from Account Executive to Account Director level are able to implement EPR through our tool on behalf of our client.

Essentially, our consultants have various templates to choose from, and the ability to integrate digital content as well as prepare social posts and relevant text for the journalist or publication. This allows us to create content in a format that is more likely to be used and disseminated, creating extended visibility and effectiveness online.

Have a look at two of our most recent Epic MSLGROUP releases here:

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