Five steps to great account management

We all strive to be the best in our field and achieve greatness. Within the integrated communications arena, there are a few key strengths every individual needs to continually build – not only providing the stepping stones to ‘greatness’ but also allowing you to ‘juggle all the balls’. Here are a few guidelines on achieving great account management for your integrated communications clients.

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Time management
This is probably one of the most important qualities. We tend to juggle 10 balls at the same time and, more often than not, another two or three are thrown at us. Once you are able to manage your time, you can easily manage your clients.


You are never too old to learn
Learning is fundamental and I truly believe you learn new things every day. You should never block yourself off to some education. Sit in brainstorms or presentations and take as many notes as possible – other than giving you a few great ideas, you will gain a broader understanding of a certain topic. Also, no question is a stupid question. If you don’t ask, you will never know …

Back yourself
Contrary to the old adage, I believe the client is not always right. If they had all the answers, why would they need you? In fact, while it may be easier to agree with a client on a particular approach or strategy, it is not always in their best interest. You are the expert and it is your responsibility to advise clients of what you believe best practice should be at all times. In the process, most clients will respect you more for taking this approach.

Writing is vital
While the world is moving away from the written word to other forms of communication, writing remains critical for PR professionals for a number of reasons. The most important of these is that it is a great way to really understand your client, what they do and their focus. Writing forces you to dive deep, understand what you are saying and what it really means. It allows you to consider the questions you really need to ask and obtain the knowledge to provide more meaningful council.


There is no I in TEAM 
In the new communications landscape, with its multi-faceted requirements, teamwork and collaboration is more likely to produce great results than working in isolation. Using eachothers unique strengths and skills sets has become crucial in order to deliver integrated communications strategies.