Epic MSLGROUP launched its Integrated Reporting offering in 2014.

With this offering, we combine clear and succinct content, narrative and messaging with innovative design, interactive web development and integrated reporting best practice as outlined by King III.

Public Relations and communications agency

Today, it’s not only listed companies that prepare integrated reports. State-owned entities, private companies, and NGOs are also preparing these reports as best practice in terms of governance and financial reporting.

It was with this in mind that PPS commissioned Epic MSLGROUP to revamp its integrated report in 2014 resulting in the PPS integrated report receiving more than 5 times the amount of views in just one month since release than it did in the entire previous financial year.

  • To clearly and succinctly articulate PPS’ unique value proposition
  • Telling PPS’ story through the use of high quality and innovative infographics
  • Digitise PPS’ integrated report on a dedicated integrated reporting website enabling stakeholders to access all the information online in a simple and clean format.
  • Design an 8 page foldout brochure, leveraging the key messages and themes within the integrated report, which will serve as a marketing document

Our Approach

An integrated report should clearly and concisely tell the story of a company - who it is, what it does and how it creates value.
We provide all stakeholders with a clear view of the company and its future by presenting how the key elements of the business holistically tie together in an innovative and informative fashion.

1) Content

The point of departure is to understand the business of the client - its vision, mission, strategy, key performance indicators and targets. We approach this section of the work from the perspective of all stakeholders and interview management to gain the required insights.
We believe that design follows content and therefore our primary initial focus is on the content, ensuring consistency in tone, flow and messaging throughout.

Key content focus areas:

  • Mission
  • Values
  • Strategy
  • The business model
  • The strategic objectives
  • The opportunities and risks
  • The Key Performance Indicators
  • Chairman and CEO commentary
  • How performance is measured and incentivised
  • Corporate Social Investment

2) Design

We are of the view that the design should be simple and clean. Not only does this translate into an effective canvas to tell the clients’ stories, but it also results in a much more seamless transition into the digital space.

We further believe that infographics and animated videos are excellent tools in conveying complex themes and ideas and will make use of these elements where appropriate.

3) Digitisation

The design, written content and infographics included in the integrated report are leveraged into a content rich, easy to navigate online version of the document.
This site is developed and designed with all the latest and best practice technologies and methodologies, with the aim to amplify the key messages, the brand and the central business themes, on any platform, operating system and device.

Online traffic can be driven to the dedicate IR site through the use of social media and targeted marketing and PR campaigns. Analytics on web traffic can be used to determine what “worked” and what can be improved on going forward.


The Results

Since the release of PPS Annual financial results, online traffic has been is driven to the dedicated integrated reporting site through the use of social media and targeted marketing and PR campaigns.

  • The PPS integrated report has received more than 5 times the amount of views, in just one month since release, than it did in the entire previous financial year. 
  • PPS’ Facebook Account has seen fan growth of 44% since the release of the results campaign.
  • PPS’ twitter following increased by 23% since the release of the results campaign.


Have a browse through our latest Integrated Report created for PPS

The physical PPS Integrated Report can be viewed here.
The PPS dedicated Integrated Reporting site can be viewed here.
The PPS 8-page foldout brochure can be viewed here




Deward Serfontein

  • Started his career at Arthur Andersen specialising in banks, structured financing vehicles and cross border fraud in the UK and South East Asia.
  • Former Director of Investor Relations (SA) at Old Mutual PLC from 2003 to 2011
  • Former Head of Institutional Client Management and Client Director at Investec Asset Management

Marscelle Pillay

  • Having worked in digital and new media since 1999, he has been at the forefront of developing and leading social media and digital strategies and approaches.
  • Former Head of Digital and NWC Agency Former Head of Strategy at the Digital Solutions Group South Africa
  • Winner of most Innovative Mobile App 2013 – PPC Cement.

For more information about this offering and what we can do for you, contact Deward on 082 810 5672 or speak to your Epic MSLGROUP consultant.