Leading energy solutions provider and PSG subsidiary, Energy Partners, recently launched its new refrigeration product, which enables clients to purchase low cost cooling without the hassle of purchasing or maintaining a refrigeration plant. Through this agreement clients can purchase ‘cooling’ from Energy Partners as a utility at an agreed upon cost per cooling unit as measured by their newly developed refrigeration meter.

This is according to Dawie Kriel, Head of HVAC & Refrigeration at Energy Partners, who explains that the cost of our clients’ refrigeration is calculated by adding the maintenance and energy cost and dividing the total by measured cooling consumption (kWhR).

He says that there are two different types of organisations that could potentially benefit from this service offering. “The first type of organisation is one that currently owns a refrigeration plant and wants to improve efficiency and reliability and not have the hassle of operating a plant. The second type is an organisation that is planning new facilities which will require efficient and reliable cooling for its daily operations on a “pay as you use” basis.”

Energy Partners will invest its own capital to improve or replace an existing refrigeration plant and to ensure that the operational energy efficiency is optimised, explains Kriel. “We then sell ‘cooling’ to the client at an agreed upon rate per KWhR, while taking full responsibility for all the maintenance needs and costs of the plant.”

Kriel says that the rate will result in an effective cost of cooling, which will be competitive. “In addition, Energy Partners will also share the operational cost savings with existing users in the form of pay-outs of up to 10% of the refrigeration sold at the end of each contract term, while client maintains the right to purchase the plant back at any time.”

In the event that client requires refrigeration, but does not own a refrigeration plant, Energy Partners’ solution allows clients to purchase cost effective cooling as a utility at an agreed upon rate per KWhR, he says. “In both cases, no capital investment is required and the risk of managing and maintaining a refrigeration plant is managed by Energy Partners.”

Kriel adds that this solution comes standard with access to a web / smart phone based app that enables clients to keep track of the performance of the refrigeration system, their product temperatures, their billing and – in the case of existing plant owners – the income they will receive from the plant.

“We believe that this solution fills a long-standing gap in the refrigeration industry. Clients can now focus on their core business and outsource their refrigeration needs while ensuring optimum efficiency by fixing the cost of cooling”, concludes Kriel.