Cipla Nutrition, an extension of Cipla, a global pharmaceutical company with a presence in 180 countries, today announced that the Cipla Nutrition range will now be available in 38 larger Clicks stores nationwide.

Deon Lewis , Managing Director of Cipla Nutrition, says that as the top health retailer in the country with the largest footprint, Clicks stores enable the organisation to significantly increase its consumer base. “More importantly, this development enables consumers to purchase the products more readily and conveniently and broadens the consumer base that has access to quality nutritional products.”

We are dedicated to pushing the current boundaries of the South African nutrition industry, by bringing clarity and transparency to an unregulated industry thereby protecting consumers from second-rate ingredients and false label claims, says Lewis.

Lewis explains that the entire Cipla Nutrition range is formulated and categorised based on extensive research. “Each product is designed uniquely to provide the maximum level of required nutrients in order to deliver on the promise of the specific product. All supplement categories cater to the user’s specific needs and therefore vary depending on the performance benefit.”

Categories include body building, endurance, amino acids, meal replacements, thermogenics, vitamins and minerals, pre-workout, he says. “All of the products within these categories are made with people of all fitness levels in mind. Whether you're a pro athlete or are simply working on building your everyday activity routine, you can benefit from these products.”

“As the extension of a global pharmaceutical brand, Cipla Nutrition takes the quality of its products very seriously. All of its products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, and every single batch goes through a number of stringent tests before it is released to the general public.”